Ralph Nieder-Westermann, V.P. of Sales and Marketing

Mr. Henne received his training in survey methods and survey research design from the Eagleton Institute at Rutgers University.  He has been engaged in the survey research field for over 30 years.  In that time, he has directed hundreds of quantitative and qualitative studies, conducted thousands of in-depth interviews and focus groups, and written numerous reports to reflect this work.  His clients have included the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the University of California at San Francisco, the National Science Foundation, the Environmental Protection Agency.

Mr. Henne has a M.A. in Political Science from Rutgers University (1979), and a B.A. in Political Science from Rutgers College (1977).  He is active in the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR).

Mr. Mumford has been at Waller Hall Research for 7 years, first as an Interviewer and currently as a Project Assistant and Supervisor. As a Project Assistant, Mr. Mumford’s responsibilities include researching project information, data harvesting, social media advertising and calling when needed. As a supervisor he is involved in training new interviewers upon hire and is present during calling hours to answer questions and assist interviewers with day to day issues as they arise
Mr. Mumford has been a long standing member of the local community. Prior to joining the Waller Hall team, Mr. Mumford worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at the North Big Horn County Hospital for 6 years with responsibilities that included assisting elderly individuals with routine day to day care. Mr. Mumford studied at Northwest College in Powell, WY majoring in communication.

Jeff Henne, M.A., President and CEO

We Would Like To Introduce Some Of Our Team:

Mr. Nieder-Westermann joined Waller Hall Research and The Henne Group in April 2015.  Prior to joining the company, Mr. Nieder-Westermann was with Lufthansa German Airlines as a Global Key Account Manager before taking over the position of District Sales Manager for New York.  He brings with him over 15 years of Key Account management background, sales and business development, client procurement processes and client management.
As the District Sales Manager for the New York Lufthansa Group sales team, he has taken over as manager of Waller Hall Research as well as Sales and Marketing, and Human Resources for both offices.

William Mumford, Project Supervisor