The geographic dispersion of lodging visitors suggests that the area has a broad base of potential visitors. Comments were collected from visitors residing in 41 states and the District of Columbia. 

However, the immediate regional market area including the states of: Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, California, and Washington will likely provide relatively more lodging visitors in the near term. The majority of visitors are fellow Wyomingites. Recent outlook on summer 2022 travel indicates that interest in travel remains strong but with a focus on trips closer to home after the critical pandemic period. 

With Waller Hall Research’s analysis, Greybull and other area businesses could utilize these findings to develop marketing initiatives. Suggested starting points: 

  1. Encourage stays that book-end the busier summer months for those travelers who prefer to visit when crowds are smaller. 
  2. Encourage local businesses to have extended hours during peak months to address perceptions that businesses close early and/or on weekends. 
  3. Promote Greybull and Shell as places to visit and stay before or after National Park visits. 

This region of Wyoming has an abundance of sites and experiences: hot springs, canyons, rock climbing, rodeos, geological wonders, wild horses, summer festivals, snowmobiling, mountain vistas, open desert, fishing, hunting, mountain biking, skiing, and anything that is outdoor recreation. 

If you’d like to learn more about the study, contact Waller Hall Research.  

by Lisa Kunkel 

April 28, 2022

Wyoming Tourism: an opportunity for the Northcentral region

Lodging survey reveals clues to visitor traits in Northcentral Wyoming  

A review of visitor comments from over the last nine years has confirmed what most believed to be true: the Wyoming tourist season is May through September.  

The primary purpose of the study, which was conducted by Waller Hall Research and GLS Research, was to illuminate visitor's perceptions of the area. These findings can offer Greybull and Shell economic leaders and business owners' insight into how they might enhance their marketing initiatives to drive more visitation to the area.  

One key insight is to help visitors see Greybull as a hub for nearby sites and increase their length of stay in the town. “By staying in Greybull or Shell you can access numerous attractions all within about an hour drive,” said President and CEO of Waller Hall Research, Jeff Henne.  

Data was gleaned from written comments provided by lodging visitors at six lodging facilities in Greybull and Shell covering the period from June 2011 through June 2020. The report details the findings and conclusions from 1,010 visitor comment records. 

Of the reviews WHR gathered and analyzed, 95% contained (or included) positive comments and 5% contained (or included) negative comments.   

Four in 10 mentioned how clean and well maintained or “how charming” the properties were. 

            “Great night in an amazing oasis between the mountains and Yellowstone.”  
                                                                                                  - visitor to Shell, July 2019 

             “A nice, quick spot to pullover for the night. LOVED the walkway along the river!” 
                                                                                                 - visitor to Greybull, July 2017 

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