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Wyoming LifeLine - Corporate social responsibility

Waller Hall Research believes in giving back to the community in which we operate. WHR launched and privately funded the early operations of The Wyoming LifeLine (WYLL.).

WYLL is a suicide/crisis call center that provides confidential and free support to Wyoming people in crisis and distress.  Launched on August 1, 2020, the Greybull-based LifeLine operates seven days a week.  

Now in its second year of operation, WYLL has expanded its hours of operation and has received generous support from community organizations and the State of Wyoming. 

Read more about us on WYLL website or connect with us on WYLL Facebook.  

Track COVID-19 - University of San Francisco, Stanford University and Chan Zuckerberg Foundation

In 2020, our parent company, The Henne Group was part of a study to track the COVID-19 spread and testing across six San Francisco Bay Area counties.

Tier 1 technical support 

WHR provides tier-1 help desk services for users of federal government portals.

PsA (psoriatic arthritis)
This was a CATI study that we conducted in conjunction with our San Francisco office. During this project we were screening people who suffer with Psoriatic Arthritis to take part in focus groups in three cities across the U.S.

HIV criminalization

This was a nationwide study that we conducted in conjunction with our San Francisco office. The study involved asking people about their understanding of the HIV criminalization laws and if they thought that the laws should be changed to reflect new information about the spread of HIV.

Wyoming Lifeline Link

​​​Recent Wyoming projects

​​​COVID-19 contact tracing - Wyoming Department of Health 
WHR provided contact tracing services for the WY Department of Health during the COVID-19 pandemic, quickly staffing up with 60 trained contact tracers in 2021. 

Casper PRIDE - needs assessment 
Waller Hall Research conducted a series of focus groups for Casper Pride in 2020 to assess the needs of the LGBTQ+ community in Natrona County. The results of the needs assessment were used by Casper Pride to help develop programs and educational opportunities for Casper’s LGBTQ+ community.  

Wyoming quantitative study - General population survey 
In 2020, WHR conducted a statewide telephone survey of Wyoming residents regarding their general health, mental health, alcohol and substance use, and sexual health, and to assess awareness of a variety of statewide public health-related programs. This study was conducted for the Wyoming Department of Health. 

Casper PRIDE – Creating and launching a media campaign addressing suicidal Ideation and substance usage among Natrona County’s LGBTQ+ community 
With WHR’s help, Casper Pride applied for and was awarded a multi-year grant by the Natrona County Department of Health to develop a media campaign (social media, print, radio) to help address suicidal ideation and substance usage (tobacco, alcohol, and recreational substances) by those identifying as LGBTQ+. WHR held a series of focus groups to help identify themes and test messaging and will conduct a quantitative assessment at the end of the advertising campaign to assess the efficacy of the campaign. ​

Telephone: +1(307) 213-6168

Fax: +1(307) 222-6882

​Email: office@wallerhallresearch.com