Privacy Policy

As a member of the Insights Association, the leading market research association, WHR adheres to the 2019 Insights Associations Code of Standards and Ethics for Marketing Research and Data Analytics.


THG is committed to complying with all applicable laws governing the privacy of personal information.


By agreeing to participate in a survey or other market research project, you acknowledge that your participation is completely voluntary and that WHR’s use of your personal information is carried out with your consent.


This information is not shared with any third party unless clearly stated in the introduction of a survey or questionnaire – either conducted by a telephone interviewer or completed directly online.


THG’s privacy and security practices conform to applicable laws, codes, and regulations including but limited to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).


The personal information that we may collect may include:


Information about your computer, your visits to our website and social media, your IP address, and your location.
The information that you voluntarily provide in response to questionnaires and or other survey instruments.  This may include sensitive information regarding health care questions and other personal matters that you have agreed to provide to WHR as part of a research or panel screener.


Any personal identifying information (PII) collected by WHR will not be shared with any outside party. The data that we collect in our surveys are only shared with our clients at an aggregated level. Quotes or specific information obtained as part of a focus group or individual interview are reported anonymously.  Focus groups or individual interviews may be transcribed by a professional transcription service, but no PII is shared with the transcribers.


When files are shared, they are encrypted and transmitted via secure electronic transfer protocols so that no information can be obtained by an unauthorized individual.


You have the right to have your data removed at any time. In that case, please contact our parent company, The Henne Group, at and your request will be processed within three business days.