Wyoming needs your voice

Others that are or may be
facing similar challenges

Together our voices are stronger

By participating in important studies we can make a stronger case for a shared better future for our community in the state we call home.

Depending on the study, we may invite you to participate in an online survey or a virtual focus group.

Waller Hall Research

If you qualify for one of our studies in the upcoming months, we will have one of our research coordinators reach out to you to see if you'd like to participate.  

If you identify as LGBTQ+, live in Natrona County, would like to see change in the health and social services of our state, and are age 18 or older, we invite you to complete this screener to be able to participate in upcoming studies.

How It Works

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Your views matter

What are some of the organizations WHR has worked with?

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Bring your perspective for impact

Community, county and state organizations can learn from you in making Wyoming the right place for everyone.

Safe & Confidential

Participation is always voluntary and your information is completely secure and private. 

F A Q 

How do I participate in studies?

Make an Impact

We have worked with various organizations in Wyoming including Casper Pride, Wyoming Equality, and state and county health agencies.

Waller Hall Research, in Greybull, WY, is part of The Henne Group, a San Francisco-based market research company.  Between our two offices, our research often focuses on issues related to public health, the LGBTQ+ experience, social justice, and social responsibility.

Our clients have ranged from government agencies to universities; from pharmaceutical companies to not-for-profit organizations.