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Others that are or may be
facing similar challenges

Based on earlier research we have done with members of the Natrona County LGBTQ+ community, Casper Pride has developed a set of communications messages for campaigns, outreach, and advertising. 
We want to hear feedback from people in our community to help us refine these messages that can help address health issues related to tobacco use, alcohol and substance abuse, and suicide risk.

Join us for an upcoming focus group discussion to share your opinions and give input.

Across the United States, the LGBTQ+ community is often disproportionately affected by health issues related to tobacco use, alcohol and substance abuse, and suicide risk. Often, we are not counted separately in national surveys on these topics. We disappear in the data.  

Casper Pride has been working together with Waller Hall Research (Greybull, WY) to increase LGBTQ+ visibility around these topics.   

Your views matter

The two-hour virtual focus groups will be scheduled for late September and early October.  

Waller Hall Research, in Greybull, WY, is part of The Henne Group, a San Francisco-based market research company.  Between our two offices, our research often focuses on issues related to public health, the LGBTQ+ experience, social justice, and social responsibility.

Our clients have ranged from government agencies to universities;  from pharmaceutical companies to not-for-profit organizations. 

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Who can participate in this study?

If you qualify, one of our research coordinators will reach out to schedule a tech-check and assign a day and time for your virtual focus group.

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LGBTQ+ people in Natrona County

If you identify as LGBTQ+, live in Natrona County, would like to see change in the health services of our state, and are age 18 or older, we invite you to complete this screener.